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If you experience a traumatic injury, such as a foot or ankle fracture, seek help immediately. If swelling or bruising occurs, use ice and compression until you are seen by a doctor. The skilled podiatrists at Range Foot & Ankle in Virginia, and Two Harbors, Minnesota specialize in the treatment of fractures and traumatic injuries. Call one of their offices or book an appointment online as soon as the injury occurs. If you need immediate treatment, visit the emergency room.

Foot & Ankle Fractures Q & A

What injuries require trauma care?

Traumatic injuries, like foot or ankle fractures can occur at random times. Receiving treatment as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. Injuries requiring trauma care include:

  • Deep puncture wounds
  • Fractures or breaks
  • Removal of foreign objects


The expert team at Range Foot & Ankle can safely treat any kind of trauma caused to your legs or feet. For specific information on how each injury is treated, speak with your doctor.

How soon should you seek treatment for a traumatic injury?

As soon as you experience an injury, you can perform a self-assessment of your injuries. If you are unsure of how severely you are injured, speak with a professional right away. When you come to Range Foot & Ankle after a traumatic injury, your podiatrist will tell you what you can expect in the healing process. They will recommend the best treatment options for you in your time of crisis.

What treatments are used for fractures or traumatic injuries?

Treatment of fractures and traumatic injuries vary greatly based on how severe the injury is. If you have a fracture, your doctor may suggest a cast or surgery. If you need a foreign object removed, your doctor will clean the area and safely remove the object from your foot. A puncture wound could be so deep it requires your doctor to pack it with gauze to prevent infection. The group of doctors at William Street Podiatry Care is highly trained and experienced in treating traumatic injury and fractures.

How long will treatment last for a fracture?

Most fractures take about four to six weeks to heal. Other traumatic injuries may take longer. Once the injury itself is healed, rehabilitation is necessary to strengthen the bones and tissues in your foot. When you discuss treatment options with your doctor at William Street Podiatry Care, you will be given a more specific timeframe for recovery.

A traumatic injury, such as a fracture inflicted during an accident, needs immediate attention. Speak with the knowledgeable and professional doctors at William Street Podiatry Care as soon as possible by calling their offices or booking an appointment online.