Pain on the Ball of the Foot

If you are experiencing pain on the ball of the foot you certainly are not alone. The ball of the foot is one of the most common parts of the foot that can be problematic. The ball of the foot is the area just before where the toes meet the foot. There are a whole host of conditions that can happen here.

It’s rather amazing how our bodies can withstand the amount of pressure we put on them in a lifetime. The balls of the feet are subjected to more pressure than any other part of our body. We are not surprised by how many people we see with pain in this area.

Joint, bone, tendon, and nerve issues are all possible on the ball of the foot. Warts and calluses are also common here. Most of us were born with enough cushion to withstand the pounding of this area. Some people unfortunately lose this cushion, causing even more stress on the structures under it.

The best home remedies for pain on the ball of the foot are wearing shoes with adequate cushion, avoiding being barefoot on hard surfaces, applying ice if there’s swelling and taking an anti-inflammatory if the pain level is significant.

Like all other foot conditions, the most important first step is to make an accurate diagnosis. Since there are many possibilities, assuming that every pain on the ball of the foot is from just one or two things is not prudent. The longer you let pain linger in this area, the higher the probability another part of your foot will suffer from compensating. Your knee, hip or back could get involved as well.

If the ball of your foot still hurts after trying different shoes or curtailing high impact activities, it would be wise to have us evaluate it. There have been plenty of times when one simple remedy can erase months of suffering. Effortless mobility is our chief goal for our patients.

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