My Feet Hurt When I Stand for a While

Something we hear multiple times a day is “my feet hurt when I’m standing or walking for more than an hour.” The one thing we know for sure is that this isn’t normal. It would be easy to blame weight, bad shoes or a hard surface on the reason for painful feet. They can be factors but not the primary ones.

The concern that some people have is that there is something seriously wrong with their feet. Some people even think this type of pain is a sign of cancer. Fortunately, pain in the feet from standing and walking for a while is almost never from something serious. What we can tell you is that not all feet were made for being on them for an extended period of time.

The foot type that suffers the most from extended standing and walking are flat feet. Feet that are flat can develop pain from the stress and fatigue on tendons, ligaments and joints. Yes, carrying too much weight, wearing non-supportive shoes and being on a hard surface can contribute to this stress.

But here’s the good news…In the vast majority of cases of someone experiencing foot pain after standing for a while, we’ve been able to eliminate this pain with a simple solution. The solution we’re referring to is Custom Orthotics.

Custom orthotics will put the feet back into the proper alignment and allow them to function like they were meant to. When the feet are aligned correctly, the stress on ligaments, tendons and joints is greatly reduced.

Whether it’s a 10-year-old who has foot pain while playing a sport, a 30-year-old who has foot pain working as a tradesman, or a 60-year-old who has foot pain while working in retail, wearing custom orthotics consistently can relieve their foot pain.

People who have to be on their feet a lot tend to think that foot pain is part of the deal. We are here to tell you that in the vast majority of cases that isn’t true. Having tired feet at the end of a long day of standing is one thing; experiencing pain is entirely another.

If you have pain in your feet after standing for a while we can help you. Turning grimaces from foot pain into smiles is the reason we do what we do.

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