5 Critical Mistakes Often Made by People With Foot Pain

If you want your chronic foot pain to be a thing of the past, then do not make any of the following 5 mistakes…

  1. Waiting too long to see a Podiatrist.
    The main reason people suffer with foot pain for so long is, they think it will eventually go away with simple “home remedies.” There is a significant risk of developing scar-like tissue, arthritis and other difficult to treat problems the longer the pain exists. Beware of this if you have had foot pain for more than three months.
  2. Thinking a new pair of shoes is the answer.
    We wish it were that easy. A new pair of shoes might feel good for a short time, but they will not stop most foot conditions. The best kinds of shoes for most foot problems have a heel that is firm and raised, good arch support and sturdy sole. Unfortunately, this is a hard shoe to find.
  3. Purchasing a heel cushion or arch support.
    It seems to make logical sense that a heel cushion or support should help relieve heel pain. Unfortunately, it almost never does for very long. The problem isn’t the lack of cushion in our heels, it is an unusual strain the plantar fascia ligament is undergoing with every step. Arch supports can help lessen the pain of many foot cushions but rarely solves the problem.
  4. Soaking your foot in warm water.
    Since many types of foot pain is an inflammation, the better option is applying ice for 30 minutes per hour. Ice won’t cure the condition, but it can help relieve pain especially after a long day of standing. Heat may feel good for a short time, but ultimately, it can make the condition worse.
  5. Continuing to jog or power-walk.
    Even though it might not feel terrible to do these activities, there’s greater danger of making the condition worse. For instance, pain of the plantar fascia can ultimately go from an inflammation to a tear by continuing to jog on it. Any kind of jarring is bad for inflammation. The better options are biking, swimming, or using an elliptical. Once the condition is cured, you will eventually be able to get back to jogging or powerwalking.

Avoiding these 5 Mistakes will give you the best chance to get back to pain-free activities and the joy of moving effortlessly.

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